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Healing Ragas - Mandala
Healing Ragas Mandala

Healing Ragas - Mandala

Malimba Records | Cat No. MB 1412 | Release Date: 2003
  Create Your Own Review   Healing Ragas - MandalaHealing Ragas - MandalaHealing Ragas - MandalaHealing Ragas - MandalaHealing Ragas - Mandala
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Healing Ragas by Mandala. An album of exquisite beauty and sensitivity, performed by two of today's most brilliant emerging performers of Indian classical music. Two ragas, chosen for their soothing mood, are performed on bamboo flute, santoor and tablas to lull you into a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity. This music is designed to facilitate and deepen a space of calmness and peacefulness of the heart where healing, deep relaxation or sleep can take place.
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Raga Yaman

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Rgag Bhairavi

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By aNGELO, June 16, 2014  Healing RagasHealing RagasHealing RagasHealing RagasHealing Ragas


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