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Tara Mantras - Jamyang Sakya
Tara Mantras Jamyang Sakya

Tara Mantras - Jamyang Sakya

Dharmapala Records | Cat No. 91111-2 | Release Date: 2010
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Tara Mantras by Jamyang Sakya. This unique recording combines Tibetan chants to the deity Tara in it's Green and White emanations. This rare collections offers the listener to either enjoy the voices of an eminent female Tibetan Lama along with the resonant voice of an experienced monk. Arya Tara is the Saviouress who responds to the needs and sufferings of beings. She is Bodhisattva, Mother Goddess, and Tantric Deity and is unique among deities in that she vows to work for others forever in the form of a woman. Green Tara represents all twenty-one forms of Tara consequently in "The Sadhana of Tara, An Ocean of Offerings", we pay homage to Green Tara and all the twenty-one forms simultaneously. According to Tibetan Buddhism, performing this Sadhana on the full moon each month is very auspicious. The practitioner may also choose to meditate on all or portions of the Sadhana in their daily, private practice"the praises to the twenty-one forms of Tara is especially helpful. Her Eminence Dagmo Jamyang Sakya is the founder and teacher of the Mother Tara Sakya Center (Tara Ling). Born in Kham, Eastern Tibet, she began her training in Buddhist pracatice at an early age since she was the niece of one of the most highly realized Sakya masters of the 20th century, H.E. Deshung Rinpoche III. When she married H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche, she became Sakya Dagmo (Holy Mother) of the Sakya Khon family-- one of Tibet's religious family lineages. Dagmola has received extensive teachings & empowerments from many revered lamas throughout her lifetime. She has co-authored a captivating book, Princess in the Land of Snows, about her life in Tibet and her family's escape over the Himalayan mountains to India (later to Seattle, Washington) in 1959. She is a greatly respected Dharma teacher to her students in many countries, focusing on the Tara practice. The Mother Tara Sakya Center, named Tara Ling by H.H. the Dalai Lama, was founded by Dagmo Jamyang Sakya. For many years Dagmola has been giving teachings and empowerments to many students worldwide, and the center has been established to further her teachings.
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The Praises To The 21 For...

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Green Tara Mantra I

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Green Tara Mantra II

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100 Syllable Mantra

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White Tara Mantra

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